Frequently described as “laboratories of democracy,” state legislatures have often produced legislation or ideas that eventually make their way to Washington. And, of course, many of these state executives also find their way into national political office. Helping us dig through the trends, priorities and personalities in state capitols is Reid Wilson, founder and editor of Pluribus News, a new digital media outlet offering the most comprehensive coverage of state-level public policy in America.

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Amy Walter: [00:00:00] So the most important thing as we start this conversation is for you to explain Pluribus. This was something you founded earlier this year. Tell our listeners why you decided to do this and what Pluribus does.

Reid Wilson: Well, we are the only independent news source that covers all 50 state legislatures across the country.

The theory behind this is that what happens in Sacramento or Albany or Austin today is gonna happen in 25 states next year and federally the year after that. Think about the last couple of decades, welfare

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