The two governor’s races that will be decided next Tuesday in Kentucky and Mississippi could provide an early test of what impact the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Trump is having on voters. And it could be enough to put Republicans in both states over the edge. No, these contests won’t tell us how impeachment could impact swing state voters. Even though both races are competitive — with Kentucky still the closest of the two in our Toss Up column and Mississippi in Lean Republican — both these states are heavily Republican at the federal level. Trump carried Kentucky by 30 points, while he won Mississippi by an 18 point margin. The state level has been the one place where voters have been willing to break ranks with how they vote in federal elections. Casting a vote for someone to manage your state has traditionally been seen as different than choosing your senator or preferred occupant in the White House. Political realignment has been slower at the state level, which partly explains why Republicans have never won the trio of

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