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AK-AL: Mary Peltola (D) - Entire state Lean Democrat. Peltola rose from a little-known tribal fisheries executive to a political dynamo almost overnight in 2022. The former state legislator from Alaska’s rural “Bush” ran on a moderate pro-choice, pro-oil platform that emphasized saving independent fisheries from the excesses of the trawling industry. She also capitalized on Alaska’s new ranked-choice voting system and a polarizing GOP opponent, unpopular former Gov. Sarah Palin, to score a massive August special election upset, 51%-49%. Peltola bolstered her bipartisan credentials by hiring former staffers for the iconic late GOP Rep. Don Young, and proceeded to beat Palin by an even wider 55%-45% in November.

It’s a testament to Peltola’s popularity that Republicans have focused more on attacking the new ranked-choice voting law than going after Peltola thus far. In January 2023, disgruntled Republicans backed by Palin and 2022 Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka

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