The new dean of the House has survived dozens of close calls since 1973, but 22-term GOP Rep. Don Young faces a new kind of opponent in 2018. Thanks to a recent state supreme court ruling, Independent Alyse Galvin was able to run in the Democratic primary, and on Tuesday the well-connected school funding advocate defeated three Democratic opponents with 54 percent.

Over the years, nothing Democrats have thrown at Young has dethroned him. In 2016, former Alaska Public Radio CEO Steve Lindbeck raised $1.1 million and savaged Young as "in the pocket" of an oil company that outsourced jobs to Louisana and ran an oil rig aground. Young won 50 percent to 36 percent (a Libertarian took 10 percent), while President Trump won by a nearly identical 51 percent to 37 percent.

Galvin strategists believe that it may not possible to beat Young with a Democrat, but that an Independent could have a chance. Alaska's election commission hasn't determined exactly how Galvin will appear on the fall ballot, but it's likely that she'll be listed as "Non-Affiliated, Endorsed by

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