This is the second in a series of race rundowns designed to give subscribers a quick snapshot of what's happening in each district in 2020. Throughout the cycle, watch for our detailed analysis of the most closely-fought races in our competitive race overviews. Individual race pages will be updated as developments warrant, and be sure to bookmark our ratings to keep track of the latest changes.

CA-01: Doug LaMalfa (R) - Northeast: Chico, Redding Solid Republican. LaMalfa, a rancher, had been accustomed to sleepy races in this conservative North State district that voted for Trump by 19 points. That changed in 2018, when Democratic farmer and educator Audrey Denney caught fire with grassroots activists and spent $1.1 million calling LaMalfa a DC insider. In the end, Denney held LaMalfa to a 55 percent to 45 percent win, the narrowest of his career. 
 Denney is running again in 2020, but if she couldn't win in a wave year, it's doubtful the result will be much different this time. This rural seat is 78 percent white and isn't diversifying

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