A trio of Republican resignations since October have prompted 2018 special elections. The March 13 race in Pennsylvania's 18th CD to fill Rep. Tim Murphy's seat is the most competitive, but the August 7 race in Ohio's 12th CD to fill Rep. Pat Tiberi's seat is likely to heat up eventually. Meanwhile, the February 27 GOP primary in Arizona's 8th CD should determine Rep. Trent Franks's successor.

2018 Special Elections

AZ-08: VACANT (Franks) (R) - Phoenix "West Valley:" Sun City, Peoria Solid Republican. The disclosure that Franks had allegedly offered a staffer $5 million to serve as a surrogate to carry his child led to a quick exit for the socially conservative lawmaker. It's also led to a special election sprint: Franks only resigned in December, but the primary will be held on February 27, with the general on April 24. Primary ballots have already been mailed to voters.

This retiree-heavy seat gave President Trump a 57 percent to 36 percent margin and there are few pockets of Democratic strength in the district, so the GOP primary is very likely

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