This is the seventh in a series of race rundowns designed to give subscribers a quick snapshot of what's happening in each district in 2020. Throughout the cycle, watch for our detailed analysis of the most closely-fought races in our competitive race overviews. Individual race pages will be updated as developments warrant, and be sure to bookmark our ratings to keep track of the latest changes.

New Jersey

NJ-01: Donald Norcross (D) - Southwest: Camden, Cherry Hill Solid Democratic. Norcross, the brother of insurance executive and South Jersey Democratic power broker George Norcross, is safe in this solidly Democratic Camden seat. NJ-02: Jeff Van Drew (D) - South: Cape May, Atlantic City, Vineland Toss Up. Van Drew stood out as one of the only Democratic freshmen who had a glide path to flipping a GOP seat in 2018. Now, the Blue Dog stands out as one of just two House Democrats (and the only freshman) who voted against formally opening an impeachment inquiry. And it's not guaranteed his impeachment stance will win him more friends or cost him more

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