Last week, while GOP Rep. Paul Ryan effectively wrapped up the votes to be speaker, Democrats were busy convening and training over 40 candidates with an eye towards winning back GOP-held seats. Although it's difficult to recruit quality candidates when your party is deep in the minority and the House has become a legislative graveyard, Democrats deserve credit for scoring impressive contenders in a handful of key races. Democrats still have a long way to go to field credible candidates in districts that should be targets in 2016. And although Democrats are poised to pick up between five and ten seats, the House won't be in play next year unless Republicans are stuck with a disastrous presidential nominee. Still, a year out from next November is as good a time as any to size up several of the players Democrats already have on the field. We had the opportunity to sit down with eight candidates, each with unique and interesting life stories, including four familiar faces (two ran in 2014, one ran in 2012, and another ran in 2008). Here

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