Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger (VA-07) was one of seven "national security freshmen" who penned the letter that helped propel an impeachment inquiry. On the other hand, freshman Rep. Jeff Van Drew (NJ-02) was one of just two House Democrats to vote against the formal rules for the inquiry last month. But if 2019 election results are any indication, it's Van Drew who could be at greater risk next fall.

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NJ-02: Van Drew | Lean D to Toss Up VA-07: Spanberger |Toss Up to Lean D NJ-02: Jeff Van Drew (D) - South: Cape May, Atlantic City, Vineland Toss Up. Van Drew stood out as one of the only Democratic freshmen who had a glide path to flipping a GOP seat in 2018. Now, the Blue Dog stands out as one of just two House Democrats (and the only freshman) who voted against formally opening an impeachment inquiry. And it's not guaranteed his impeachment stance will win him more friends or cost him more allies in 2020. Van Drew, a dentist and popular longtime state senator from GOP-leaning

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