Kansas was supposed to be the exception to the 2014 GOP wave thanks to GOP Gov. Sam Brownback's unpopularity, but Democrats high hopes for gains were dashed across the board. Instead, Brownback won reelection 50 percent to 46 percent, Sen. Pat Roberts survived a scare, and all four GOP House incumbents were reelected easily. It looks likely Kansas's streak as a one-party state will persist beyond 2016. Democrats won't be targeting Kansas next fall, but that doesn't mean all Republicans are safe. In the western 1st CD, Freedom Caucus Rep. Tim Huelskamp narrowly survived his primary with 54 percent in 2014 and could face an even tougher challenge next August. In fact, the contest could be the nation's best test of whether agriculture and business groups can oust an "obstructionist" enemy from the center. KS-01: Tim Huelskamp (R) – Central and west: Manhattan, Dodge City Solid Republican. There's the thorny House Freedom Caucus, and then there's Tim Huelskamp. Since his election in 2010, perhaps no Republican has ticked off GOP leadership or earned the title of "obstructionist" more than Huelskamp,

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