House Republicans are happy that Speaker Paul Ryan won his Wisconsin primary with 84 percent of the vote, but Democrats are thrilled by last night's primary results next door in Minnesota. As expected, talk radio host Jason Lewis won the GOP primary in retiring Rep. John Kline's 2nd CD, and his long history of provocative statements make Democratic healthcare executive Angie Craig a slight favorite to flip a key swing seat. For over a decade, Kline had proven a highly popular figure with white collar Twin Cities suburbanites thanks to his military background and perch atop the Education and the Workforce Committee. But Lewis defeated Kline's handpicked candidate, moderate businesswoman Darlene Miller, 49 percent to 31 percent and now even GOP strategists admit his win will make it more difficult for the party to hold the seat. Lewis isn't a first time candidate; in 1990 he took 39 percent of the vote as the GOP nominee in Colorado's 2nd CD. But he's better known for his radio commentary and as Minnesota's "Mr. Right." Democrats are eager to hammer him for

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