Like clockwork, the Utah Republican Party is approaching another batch of brawls between its uncompromising culture warriors and more traditional conservatives. That divide will play out in GOP primaries for the 2nd and 3rd districts on June 25.

The Republican establishment remains optimistic about freshman Rep. Celeste Maloy in the 2nd District, who seems poised to secure a full term despite U.S. Sen. Mike Lee’s decision to weigh in on her opponent’s behalf. But things in the 3rd District look far less certain: It’s an open question whether the replacement for Rep. John Curtis will follow in his pragmatic footsteps or steer the delegation a notch to the right.

UT-02: Celeste Maloy (R) - Southwest: Salt Lake City, St. GeorgeSolid Republican. Although Maloy won a 2023 special election in the 2nd District by a resounding 24 points, the clouds surrounding her reelection prospects haven’t entirely cleared. Earlier this month, Lee endorsed Maloy’s primary opponent, technology executive Colby Jenkins, in a rare repudiation of his sitting congressional colleague.

Sources agree that Maloy remains the favorite anyway, and they point out

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