There are a few different ways to look at President Donald Trump’s job approval ratings. They are the lowest of any first term president at this point in his administration. They are 10-15 points lower than those of President Obama when he left office. They about the same as where President Obama’s were in the fall of 2010 when his party was crushed in the midterm election. I decided to dig underneath the top-lines to see how different groups of Americans viewed the job the president was doing thus far. Not surprisingly, Americans are deeply divided in their assessments of Trump by race, gender, education, age and race. For example, while 45 percent of men approve of the job Trump is doing, just 33 percent of women do. White voters with a college education give Trump a paltry 39 percent approval rating, while white voters with a high school degree or less give him a 61 percent job approval. However, I wanted to see if this differed from the kinds of divisions we saw under President Obama. What I found

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