I have no idea what is going to happen in Iowa and New Hampshire. If the polls are correct, Donald Trump is on his way to victory in both states. On the Democratic side, Iowa is a coin-toss and Bernie Sanders wins big in New Hampshire. But, I also have little confidence that this is how things will work out. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised by anything. Yet, the one thing that does surprise me is the complacency and/or rationalization by many Republican strategists - folks who have spent years toiling in the trenches to win control of Congress and the White House - to the possibility of a Trump nomination. Look, I get why many Republicans, when forced to choose between Trump and Cruz pick the billionaire businessman. Trump is certainly more charming and personable than the Texas Senator. A masterful re-inventor and marketer, Trump has been able to expand his brand and appeal beyond the traditional GOP “lanes.” For many Republicans, Cruz represents an obvious - and predictable - road to a loss in November: a conservative and

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