I have a complicated relationship with the vice presidential speculation phase of the presidential campaign. Actually, it’s not all that complicated. I don’t like it. My breaking point came in 2012 when Rep. Paul Ryan literally snuck through the woods and into a waiting SUV and private plane to avoid detection by the media camped out in front of his house. For as much time and energy as news organizations put into “breaking” the VP story, the campaigns put in just as much energy into head fakes and subterfuge. Mostly, though, I hate the endless (and uninformed) speculation and energy poured into a decision that ultimately has very little impact on the eventual outcome of the race. And, please don’t tell me that Sarah Palin “lost” the race for McCain. That race was lost long before she became the nominee. McCain was running in the shadow of a deeply unpopular president in a “time for change” election in the middle of an economic crisis. He wasn’t going to win. She was more failed Hail-Mary pass than fumble. Yet, given the

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