There’s been lots of uncertainty and confusion in these first three weeks of the Trump Administration. But one thing is quite clear: Trump is going to run his White House like he ran his campaign. That means a chaotic and conflict driven management style fueled by Trump’s gut instincts and a small group of advisors (many of whom are pitted against one another). It also means a reliance on issues and strategies that rile up his base but do little to broaden his appeal. As one longtime GOP strategist said to me the other day, the Trump team has determined that “he can govern with a strong 44% of America behind him and worry about the others later.” But can he govern this way? And, can his party survive in 2018 with this attitude? One of the challenges of my job in the wake of the surprising Trump win (a victory that I obviously did not predict), is to not “over-correct” in analyzing subsequent elections. Trump succeeded when we all thought he’d fail. As such, many assume that the laws

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