A lot of conventional wisdom floating out there about 2016 is grounded more in opinion and assumption than in facts or data. And, as your teacher or mom may have taught you, "assumption makes an A.S.S. out of you and me." Here are some of the most prevalent and pervasive assumptions about the nascent 2016 campaign. Assumption #1: The GOP Primary Is Going To Go On Forever: One of the consequences in our new post-Citizens United world is the unbelievable amount of cash that has been poured into the system, with millionaires and billionaires spreading their money liberally into the bank accounts of lots of candidate-specific Super PACs. This has in some ways "evened" the playing in field, allowing candidates without thick rolodexes or deep lists of national donors to compete with the big names and deep pockets. Forget the polls or results, goes the assumption, because each candidate is just one Sheldon Adelson or Foster Friess away from getting the cash infusion he or she needs to stay in the race. But, a look at the primary calendar in

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