At this point, it feels like we are in some kind of an alternative universe election where up is down, black is white and east is west. On the GOP side, a blowhard reality TV star insults a war hero, attacks a popular Fox News anchor and rises in the polls. On the Democratic side, the prospects for the first female presidential nominee in history may be derailed by a 73-year old white male socialist from a state with more cows than people. Should we throw out all we know (or thought we knew) about politics? Do the so-called fundamentals we've all taken as political Gospel no longer apply? This election, like every election, has a mood and rhythm to it and the candidates that succeed are the ones that understand and adjust to it. Trump and Sanders have and continue to do this better than any other candidates. We may look back at this election as the one that re-wrote the rules. But, at this point, it’s too early to say that. Here’s why: 1. The Trump Coalition Has

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