Almost every hour, it seems, someone is either announcing for President or announcing they are thinking about running for President. There are dozens of stories a day about new hires at SuperPAC's, "Scooby Van" road trips, horse race polls in battleground states, and GOP cattle calls in New Hampshire and Iowa. So much is happening in the race for the White House. And, yet nothing is happening at all. It is in times like these, when reputable news organizations are showing surveillance video of Hillary Clinton at a Chipotle, that we all need to take a deep breath, turn off the TV and Twitter and focus on the fundamentals. The Political Environment: Elections aren't rocket science. Every one of them - from city council to President of the United States - is about the same thing: do voters want to change direction or stay-the-course. When voters are happy, they want to stay the course. When they are unhappy, they want to see change. As I wrote last week, the improving economy holds both promise and peril for Democrats. Voters are

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