Thus far, this campaign has provided more questions than answers. I have dubbed the motto for 2016: WTF?!. But, some questions are more important – and the answers more consequential – than others. Here are the four BIG QUESTIONS that, when answered, will help us not only determine who the nominee will be, but also understand how he/she got there. 1. GOP voters are angry and want change. but what kind of change do they want? This is perhaps the most obvious, but one of the least understood points of the 2016 election. This is a GOP electorate that is fed up with traditional politics and hungry for a candidate who will shake up the system instead of basking in the status quo. However, this doesn’t mean that a so-called establishment candidate can’t win the nomination. What it does mean is that for an establishment candidate to win, he/she has to present him/herself as an agent of change. In other words, telling voters over and over again that you have a “proven record” as Jeb Bush and John Kasich do,

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