This Tuesday marked the unofficial end of the 2016 primary season. Ladies and gentleman, barring some unexpected turn of events the fall matchup for President of the United States will be between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Here’s what else we learned from the April 26 primaries and what it means moving forward: 1. #NeverTrump is #NeverMore The biggest problem with the “Stop Trump” or “Never Trump” movement was that it had an antagonist but no protagonist. Lots of Republicans may dislike Trump, but they were never given a reason or a rationale to support anyone else. At the end of the day, voters want to be for something. They never got that chance. 2. Trump’s got the momentum, even if the math remains tricky. Is it possible that Trump ends the primary season short of 1,237? Yes, but it won’t be by many delegates. Moreover, the more he wins, the harder it’s going to be for his opponents to argue that he doesn’t “deserve” the nomination because he didn’t win the majority of pledged delegates. While lots of smarty-pants

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