One of the biggest assets for Democrats – especially for Hillary Clinton – going into this next election is the fact that they are much more ideologically united than the GOP. From social issues to economic ones, the overwhelming majority of Democrats are on the same page. This, of course, leaves little room for a primary challenger to Hillary Clinton to expose a gap or drive a wedge. Not so much for Republicans who are divided on almost everything other than foreign policy and a desire to repeal Obamacare. This is will not only make it difficult for a Republican to become a “consensus” candidate in the primary, but could make it difficult to unite the party post-primary as well. NBC News/Marist polls from three early primary states – New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina – illustrate the GOP gap and Democratic unity. Social Issues: Even in a conservative state like South Carolina, the vast majority of Democrats support same-sex marriage. Meanwhile, in more moderate New Hampshire (where gay marriage has been legal for five years), 43 percent of Republicans

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