One of the biggest questions during the 2016 campaign was if the GOP party would ever accept Donald Trump, an outsider to the party, as its standard bearer. More than once during 2016 I was convinced that the Republican Party would break apart rather than coalesce around a candidate whose behavior, values and ideology were so foreign to its core. Of course, that proved to be wrong as 90 percent of GOP voters rallied around their unconventional nominee in November. Today, those GOP voters continue to support the president. The most recent Gallup poll finds Trump with an 87 percent approval rating among GOP voters. Even voters who were less than enthusiastic about Trump in the fall, are behind him today. A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that the president has an 82 percent approval rating among Trump voters who said their vote for him last fall was more about dislike for Clinton than support for him. An online poll of 1,000 Trump voters taken for the University of Virginia by Public Opinion Strategies found Trump’s approval rating among

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