If you read the coverage of the October jobs report you'd think Americans should have been popping champagne and singing happy days are here again. Jobs up. Wages up. Unemployment down. The conventional wisdom also suggested that the good economic news would boost Hillary Clinton's chances to win in 2016. The Financial Times declared "Hillary Clinton may be the biggest winner for the blowout jobs report," while the New York Times and CNN said the solid jobs report "could help Hillary and Democrats." Yet, listen to voters and you don't hear as much optimism. The latest installment of the Walmart Moms focus groups (an ongoing look at women with children age 18 or younger at home and who shopped at Walmart at least once in the past month), found a pessimistic, anxious and financially stretched group of voters. One group was conducted among GOP primary voters in Manchester, NH with Walmart Moms who had not made their “final” decision regarding who they would vote for in the February GOP primary election. The second focus group was conducted among likely Democratic

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