Watching coverage of the Clinton campaign, one longtime Democratic strategist told me, is like watching someone getting pecked by ducks. One day it’s another revelation about the murky Clinton Global Foundation finances (peck). The next day, it’s news that the former Secretary of State’s previously private emails will be publicly released chunk by chunk over the next few months (nip, nip). Financial records reveal a previously unknown corporate pass-through started by former President Bill Clinton (jab). None of these attacks are fatal. After all, no one can die from repeated duck pecks (at least I think that’s true), but has the incessant jabbing done damage? In a smart blog post, Republican pollster Micah Roberts of Public Opinion Strategies writes that it has. Using data from the Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, Roberts writes that in the two month span between the most recent WSJ/NBC polls – March 1-5 and April 26-30 – “Clinton has seen her ‘very negative’ rating sharply increase – from 23% to 32% among all adults. To put that in context,” writes Roberts, “her ‘very negative’ rating is

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