Ask anyone on the Acela corridor who the frontrunner and/or likely nominee for the GOP is/will be and you are most likely to hear the name Jeb Bush. After all, he’s going to have bucketloads of cash. He’s vacuuming up GOP talent for his campaign staff. He’s substantive and comfortable talking policy. And, unlike many of his contemporaries, he’s yet to make a significant flub on the campaign trail. There’s just one little thing obstructing his path to the nomination: GOP voters. Take a look at the polling and you see a very weak frontrunner. Despite (or because of) his famous last name, he does not have a statistically significant lead in any national or state poll. A whopping 42 percent of Republicans said they could not see themselves supporting Bush in a primary, reported the WSJ/NBC poll this week. A recent Quinnipiac poll in Iowa finds opinions of Bush among likely Republican caucus goers to be mediocre at best, with 41 percent saying they view him favorably and 40 percent viewing him unfavorably. Bush is tied with Scott Walker

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