The prospects remain very tough for Democrats to hold onto their majority in the Senate, but there is a new scenario emerging—albeit still unlikely—that is turning the majority math a bit on its head.

As I have said previously, Republicans need a net gain of six seats to take the majority. The question has generally been whether Republicans just need to knock off six Democratic seats to get to 51, or if they will need to gross seven seats in order to net six. Now there appears to be a real question as to whether Republicans may need to gross eight seats in order to net six, covering for the potential loss of not just Sen. Pat Roberts in Kansas but an open seat in Georgia as well.

Though things don't look quite as hopeless for Roberts as they did a few weeks ago, the incumbent's poll numbers are said to be awful. Kansas voters face a dilemma: They can either throw out a senator whom they see as having all but completely lost touch with the state, or they

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