The quick takeaways from the Granite State: 1. Trump and Sanders won big, but haven’t put to rest questions about their electability and 2. The GOP establishment vacuum remains, but Marco Rubio, the big loser tonight, still remains the likeliest candidate to fill it. 1. Hillary is winning minds but not hearts. There’s no gentle way to put this - Hillary lost BIG TIME. Sanders bested her among almost every conceivable demographic group: liberals and moderates, men and women, those that went to college and those that did not, as well as young people and not so young people. Yet among those voters who prized experience and electability, Clinton was far and away the favorite. She carried those who said they wanted a candidate who could “win in November” with 81 percent and those whose top priority was a candidate who had the “right experience” with 87 percent. The challenge for Clinton, however, is that just 39 percent of Democratic voters saw electability and experience as their top priority. The other 59 percent put more value on a candidate who

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