At the mid-point of September, Hillary Clinton has 21 states plus the District of Columbia and three of Maine’s four electoral votes that are Solidly, Likely or Leaning in Democratic for a total of 272 electoral votes, two more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win. Donald Trump has 23 states plus four of Nebraska’s five votes Solidly, Likely or Leaning in his direction for a total of 196 electoral votes - 74 short of victory. In the Toss Up column are four states plus both Maine and Nebraska’s second congressional districts totaling 70 electoral votes. As the race stands today, Trump could sweep the entire Toss Up column and still come up four electoral votes short of the 270 needed to win. Since our August update, we are shifting the ratings two states: 1. Iowa - Toss Up to Lean R For weeks, Democrats have fretted about Clinton's precarious position in the Hawkeye state. While Obama easily carried the state in 2012 by almost 6 points, former Secretary of State Clinton has not been able to find her

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