I got it wrong. Really wrong. Trump didn't just win, he crushed it. This is truly the most shocking thing that I have seen in my lifetime. So, what happened? We are going to be digging through the data for a while. But, at its core the Obama coalition lost and the “missing white voter” won. While Clinton did a bit better with college white voters than Obama, Trump won white voters without a college degree by an equally significant margin. That is what ultimately helped Trump break through the Rust Belt states like Wisconsin, Iowa and Pennsylvania. If you told me earlier this year that the electorate would be 70% white, that a Democrat would win Nevada, Colorado and Virginia, and that the Republican nominee would have had 60 percent unfavorable rating. I would have told you that a Democrat would be president. This happened. Hillary Clinton still lost. Big time.

Here’s what I think happened:

1. Voters did not like Trump, but voted for him anyway. This was bound to happen for either candidate since both

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