There are only two real storylines out of Tuesday night’s SEC primary: 1. Trump is on a roll and more likely than not, on a path to the GOP nomination; and 2. there is no consensus alternative to Trump. Here are my four quick takeaways for what Super Tuesday means going forward. 1. The #NeverTrump movement isn’t working. Despite aggressive - and at times manic - attacks on Trump by Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, the billionaire businessman still managed to rack up wins in at least seven of the 11 states that voted Tuesday. Maybe the onslaught on Trump came too late. Maybe Trump is immune to the attacks. Perhaps it’s a little bit of both. However, I would argue that a big reason why the #NeverTrump movement is failing is because it fails to offer any vision or message beyond the negative. Cruz and Rubio have laid out all the reasons Trump isn’t fit to lead the GOP, but they’ve failed to make a persuasive case for why either of them should be the nominee. It’s not enough

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