So, it has come to this. American voters will have a choice in November between the most unconventional, disruptive “change” candidate of our time and an establishment politician who has been part of American public life for as long as we can remember. Given the success of candidates like Trump and Sanders, as well as an overall feeling of frustration with “politics as usual,” the change candidate should be considered the early favorite. Yet, the change candidate comes with serious baggage that gives even those who want to see a shake-up in DC pause. Moreover, as we've seen in these last days, Trump is his own worst enemy, getting trapped defending his indefensible views on a judge instead of driving a disciplined message of change. Back in May, the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll posed a question that gets to the heart of the change versus stability choice voters will have this fall. They asked voters if they’d prefer a candidate who would “bring major change to the way government operates, even if it’s not possible to predict what that change

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