Despite a concerted effort by many in the GOP to derail him, Donald Trump remains on track to capture the nomination. That’s not to say that the track is entirely clear. Kasich’s success in Ohio was a blow to Trump’s “inevitability” storyline. And, despite his wins, he’s failed to carry any state with a majority of the vote. That’s important to remember given that he’ll need to win at least 53 percent of the remaining delegates to hit magic number of 1,237 delegates. That said Trump remains helped by a divided field and the upcoming primary calendar that features that features lots of winner-take-all and winner-take-most contests, northeastern states where he should do well and few caucus contests where he’s struggled. Here are the key issues ahead for this next phase of the GOP nomination contest: 1. Let’s dispel with the fiction that's there's a unifying GOP candidate. There are plenty of Republicans who don’t like Donald Trump. He is the most polarizing of the candidates in either party. And yet, the reality is that no single non-Trump candidate has

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