This election year has been rife with conspiracy theories. Most of them, of course, have been peddled by Donald Trump. The most recent - that Trump is somehow going to be denied the nomination in Cleveland - comes from establishment and inside-the-Beltway types who should know better. In the wake of recent polling showing a “Trump slump” and record high disapproval ratings (he hit 70 percent unfavorable in the Washington Post/ABC News poll), the “establishment” Twitter-verse has exploded with the theories of how Trump will be dumped by his party before the RNC convention in July. I have heard the same version of this theory from otherwise rational, politically deft insiders on the left. I talked with a high-ranking Democrat the other night who joked, with a level of seriousness that surprised me, that Trump will be pulled from the ballot before the fall, leaving the GOP with a stronger candidate to face Hillary Clinton. Surely, goes the thinking of these theorists, GOP voters can’t look at these numbers and think that Trump can still win? Well, yes, actually, they

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