COLUMBIA, S.C. ⁠— The South Carolina motto is "While I Breathe, I Hope." On Saturday night, the first Southern primary breathed a lot of hope into Joe Biden's fledgling campaign.

The former vice president had long said the state and its significant African American voting populace would be his firewall. Yet, after collapses in Iowa and New Hampshire, that firewall began to look more in doubt. Now, his near 30-point victory gives him new life heading into Super Tuesday — if it's not too late in a still-too-crowded field.

Even though seven candidates remain in the race, the race is now functionally a two-person field — Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Biden is someone usually hesitant to go on the attack. Yet, in his victory speech, he emphasized he was a "real Democrat" — a not-so-subtle hit at the independent and Democratic Socialist Sanders —and said that while some pledged a want a "revolution," most of America just wanted "results." We should expect to hear those lines more in the coming weeks.

But how much of

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