1) Hillary firewall holds; Bernie hits his ceiling Despite a last-minute surge of “Bern-mentum” and weakening support among Latinos, Hillary Clinton put up a strong showing at the Nevada caucuses on Saturday thanks in part to strong support from African-Americans and older voters. Her coalition today looks like a hybrid of the Clinton 2008 base (women, core Democrats, and older voters) and Obama’s 2008 voters (African-Americans and more affluent, college-educated white voters). Sanders, meanwhile, failed to prove that his coalition, while energized and engaged, has the depth and breadth needed to survive in states that are more diverse. For example, while he once again crushed Clinton among young people - winning those under 45 years old with 72 percent - and made inroads with Latinos, he lost African-Americans by 54 points and those over 45 years old (who made up 63 percent of the electorate) by 34 points. Moreover, if the exit polls are correct, he carried Latinos by just 8 points. In her narrow 2008 win in Nevada, Clinton won Latinos by 38 points. Sanders’ road post-Nevada doesn’t get

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