There’s no doubt that Donald J. Trump has had a bad few weeks. His party remains split over his nomination. He fired his campaign manager and his campaign has less money in the bank than some state Senate candidates. But, if you think that a few weeks of bad headlines and outright campaign malpractice has sunk Trump with those who are inclined to vote for him, think again. I spent this Monday night listening to eleven working class voters from in and around Pittsburgh, most of whom were still giving Trump their votes and the benefit of the doubt. This Pittsburgh-based focus group was organized and moderated by pollster Peter Hart for the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Only one of the eleven participants had a four-year college degree. All made less than $50,000/year. All, but two self-identified as either independent or Republican. In other words, these are exactly the kinds of voters that should be attracted to Donald Trump. Given his struggles with suburban and college educated white voters and with non-white voters overall, these

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