In the wake of the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris there's been a lot of chatter here in DC about their impact on the 2016 elections. Will the "outsiders" be pushed out as voters flock to more traditional and experienced politicians? Will terrorism and security, two issues that have fallen to the bottom of the concern list for voters in recent years, rise back to the top? It's obviously too soon to be making sweeping predictions given the fluid nature of this still unfolding event. Still, at this point, the attacks in Paris aren't likely to upend the current trajectory of this race. Here’s why: 1. It will not help to make the leader of the establishment "lane" any more obvious: For a while now, the fight for the GOP nomination has been focused on the rise of the outsiders like Donald Trump and Ben Caron. Ted Cruz is also actively vying for this lane with the theory that Carson and Trump won't have the endurance for a long campaign. Just as important, however, is the tremendous fluidity within the

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