Nevada Democrats are caucusing as this is written, we thought we would share the thoughts of our editors on where the Democratic nomination may be headed. Unsurprising, there is something of a divergence in our views, there is no Cook Political Report official view of the race.

David Wasserman

In just ten days, Super Tuesday will be a supernova event — a once-in-a-race explosion of delegates, after which the fundamental trajectory of the Democratic race will be very difficult to alter. And unless the contours of the race change drastically after Nevada or South Carolina, Sanders is on track to build a delegate lead that other candidates could find nearly impossible to surmount. The key for Sanders is Democrats' brutal 15 percent viability threshold to earn delegates: there's an enormous bonus for any candidate who can hit that threshold in virtually all states and districts, and at the moment, Sanders is the sole candidate on track to reap it. The paradox is that Democrats, a party anchored by suburban women and African-American voters, aren't necessarily in the mood for Sanders'

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