Well, we’ve made it. We have both conventions under our belt. Labor Day is (sadly for a summer enthusiast like myself), just around the corner. And, we are just under the magic 100-day mark before the 2016 campaign will end. Here’s where I see the race for the White House today. 1. The race is going to come down to who voters dislike less than who they like more. The conventions made clear that the best asset each nominee has is the deep reservoir of dislike/distrust with their opponent. The most memorable speeches and best lines from the conventions weren’t about the attributes of their party’s nominee – but about the shortcomings of the other person. 2. Change vs. status quo argument is more complicated than it looks. Every election is a choice between sticking with what you’ve got (the incumbent party or candidate), or changing course. The electorate this year wants change. In fact, in the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, 56 percent preferred a candidate for president who "will bring major changes to the way government operates, even

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