Like a blockbuster movie, Donald Trump has dominated the summer. But, plenty of other candidates have been on the move too; some went up while others saw their fortunes dip. As we countdown to Labor Day and the traditional “end of the summer,” here’s a quick look at how the Trump summer has shaken out the field.


Scott Walker: He was the outsider candidate until he was eclipsed by Trump. Walker’s weak performance at the first GOP debate, his blandness on the campaign trail and his bungled response to the “birthright citizenship” issue, has only reinforced the perception that the Wisconsin Governor just isn’t ready for prime-time. Moreover, his core argument - he can win a blue state while governing like a red state conservative – is being undermined by dismal job approval ratings back home. The well-respected Marquette University poll found his approval ratings deeply underwater – 39 percent approve to 57 percent disapprove. Walker backers contend, however, that he’s still the only candidate in the race who has a track record of success in pushing – and

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