For all his boasting about his business acumen, it’s pretty clear that Donald Trump stinks at the nuts and bolts of running a campaign. His campaign has failed to execute the most basic functions of organizing and slating delegates. Even his own kids didn’t know when and how to register or change their voter registration and are unable to support their dad in New York's April 19 primary. That said, he is masterful at driving and deciding the narrative of this campaign. And, his narrative, that the wooing and collecting of delegates is “rigged” and “unfair” is a powerful one with GOP voters. A national Marist poll taken in early April, found a narrow majority of Republicans, 52 percent, believed that that if Trump has the most delegates going into the convention in Cleveland, but does not have enough to win on the first ballot, he should still be the party’s nominee. This argument is especially resonant at a time when the “establishment” and the “system” are as unpopular as ever with rank and file GOP voters. The question now

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