Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders romped to big wins in the Badger State last night, halting the momentum of frontrunners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. However, it did little to change the delegate math. Sanders netted just 10 delegates (dropping Clinton’s lead from 255 to 245 pledged delegates). Trump’s delegate lead was cut by 30, yet he still retains a 245 delegate lead over Cruz. Moreover, the next round of primaries is more favorable demographically and culturally to both Clinton and Trump. They also award many more delegates. While Cruz and Sanders are pointing to Wisconsin as the turning point, it’s more likely to be more of an outlier. It does, however, set the narrative for the next two weeks and puts even more pressure on Clinton and Trump to do well in their home/adopted state of New York on April 19. Here’s what else we learned from Wisconsin last night. 1. Clinton may want this race to wrap up, but Democratic primary voters don’t. In some ways the voting patterns we saw in Wisconsin mirror those we’ve seen

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