Number of new anti-“Obamacare” campaign or issue commercials launched since the first open enrollment window closed on March 31: 32.

Number of pro-Affordable Care Act campaign or issue ads launched since March 31: 1.

The Obama Administration may have reached its CBO-determined enrollment target or come darn close, but that hasn’t exactly stopped the ads. Seven unique anti-Obamacare political ads hit local broadcast TV on April 1 alone, according to CMAG senior analyst Mitchell West.

The lone pro-ACA ad to hit broadcast TV since open enrollment ended was an ad by the group Put Alaska First. In its efforts to support vulnerable Democratic Sen. Mark Begich (D), the group’s ad of April 10 features a breast cancer survivor saying she was initially denied insurance due to “a pre-existing condition,” but, “I now have health insurance again because of Mark Begich.” The ad does not mention the ACA.

Unfortunately for the sake of public opinion about the law and Democrats on the ballot, not only are Obamacare foes keeping up the advertising, but we’re approaching the peak of Republican primary season.

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