Everyone in the political world is laser-focused on New Hampshire, except for one man. Mike Bloomberg stands alone in his focus on Super Tuesday, and the large, delegate-rich states that follow. His attentions have single-handedly shifted the entire geography of the presidential primary. In 2016, 60% of spending happened in the first four states, with only $157M spent in every state that followed, combined. Bloomberg has already spent $291M in these states. This precedent-shattering amount of money has candidates and pundits alike questioning whether the first four states will serve to winnow the field as they typically have in the past.

At this point in 2016, no candidate had spent beyond the first four states in any meaningful way. This year, Steyer and Sanders have already invested millions in California between them to prevent Bloomberg from expanding his monopoly of the airwaves. This is a meaningful change in strategy from previous elections where the focus was on surviving the first four, followed by a mad dash to super Tuesday. This year, candidates like Sanders who have the resources are spending

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