It may seem as though the presidential election has taken a back seat since the primary functionally ended after 3/17, but more than $40M has been spent on television ads since. Though many groups have largely kept their powder dry, President Trump and major super PACs from both parties have run ads in key states, offering valuable strategic insights. America First and the Trump campaign have held a monopoly on GOP television advertising, while several Democratic PACs have gone up with ads as the Biden campaign gathers itself after a grueling primary. Pro-Trump groups have narrowly outspent Democratic groups, while also pursuing a broader geographic strategy, as the Democrats look to rebuild the so-called “Blue Wall.”

Though the Biden campaign has been actively fundraising via digital avenues, it has not run any television ads since the primary. In its stead, Priorities USA has led the charge on the Democratic side, with Unite the Country and American Bridge 21st Century running some ads as well. The GOP advantage has mostly rested on the $15M spent by the Trump campaign in

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