Since we last checked in on fall reservations, House Majority PAC (HMP) and Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) have reserved a combined $87 million in television ads in key congressional districts. House reservations carry far more uncertainty that Senate reservations. Each election cycle, there are more competitive House districts than competitive Senate seats, and the smaller geographic nature of congressional districts sometimes makes it difficult to discern what districts ads will target. For example, in 2018, Minneapolis had four competitive districts (MN-01, MN-02, MN-03, and MN-08). Based on current reservations, there is no definitive way of knowing which districts will be 2020 targets until the ads air. However, the competitive ratings of specific seats can help us make some educated guesses about which districts will be targeted in the fall.

Making early reservations is perhaps more financially beneficial in House races than in any other type of election. With so many seats up for grabs, groups have a lot of flexibility in their strategy for targeting individuals districts. There is no cost for canceling a reservation, but buying into a

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