Could the Democrats regain control of the Senate? This possibility no longer seems like a long shot. A recent poll of Iowa from the Des Moines register shows Democratic challenger Theresa Greenfield up three points over incumbent Senator Ernst. This result makes a change in Senate control seem more likely. Barring a shock loss in a safer blue state and assuming a flip in Alabama, the Democrats need to win only four or five seats, depending on the results of the Presidential race, to gain control of the Senate. Democrats currently hold a major resource edge, with Democratic candidates and issue groups outspending their GOP counterparts by over $60 million, $280 million, and $219 million. Though some coronavirus restrictions have been lifted, the face-to-face gatherings that campaigns thrive on are likely to be limited, placing even greater importance on digital and television advertising.

Digital Disparity

One of the most important disparities lies in digital fundraising efforts by the candidates. Democratic candidates have cumulatively outspent their GOP counterparts by $11 million ($18.9 million to $7.9 million). This is an essential

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