With the shift of Maine’s 2020 Senate race to Toss Up, the map is shaping up to have a minimum of four states take the brunt of 2020 political activity. At this point in the 2018 cycle there were the same number of Toss Up races and five races rated as Lean. The 2020 cycle, however, has no Lean races, and a considerable amount of Likely races that could either become competitive or slide back towards Solid territory. Notably, 2018 did finish with 10 Toss Up rated races, so by that model it is likely that more states will become competitive. However, it is also likely that 2020 will be a considerably narrower battlefield than 2018. This makes each individual race even more vital to controlling the Senate. As Senior Editor Jennifer Duffy recently covered, Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins might be in for her toughest campaign in decades. In her last re-election campaign in 2014, only $3.7 million was spent in the race and Collins cruised to victory over Democrat Shenna Bellows. Maine is also a state in which

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