In the last edition of OnAir, we looked at the GOP’s path back to the majority. This week, we will look at Democratic pick-up opportunities, and the cost of keeping the House majority. The GOP certainly looks to be on the front foot in the House in 2020. More than 30 Democrats hold seats in districts won by President Trump in 2016. With the President back on the ballot, a good number of these freshmen members could be in trouble. However, there are several opportunities for Democrats to go on the offensive and offset their possible losses by ousting sitting Republicans. The Cook Political Report rates 18 districts as Lean or Toss Up Republican. Four are in the Toss Up column, with another 14 in the Lean column. As the Democrats defend a large number of seats, going after Toss Up or Lean Republican districts could force Republicans to divert resources away from vulnerable Democratic districts. Of the four Toss Up districts, two will not have incumbents in 2020: GA-07, which is currently open, and NC-09, which is in the

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